Advantages of Using a Master Key System for Your Commercial Properties

If you are a forgetful person who still has different types of commercial properties to manage, and who also finds it difficult to manage places, a master key can be the solution you have been waiting for. 

Master keys allow you in a nutshell to open different doors with one key, no matter if they are not on the same premises, which can be amazing for those who don’t have much time to organize different key rings and carry them around.

Don’t you know the benefits of this practice that many people use nowadays? Stay with us, we will tell you everything you need to know in detail.

Advantages of master key locking

The advantages offered by the master key locking can be summarized as follows:

Decrease in the number of keys:

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the number of keys you have to manage to the point of having to have different keys inside the same key ring so as not to lose any of them if necessary? This can end with the installation of a master key system, with only one key you will be able to open all your businesses.

Facilitates maintenance and cleaning:

In case you have a cleaning service that attends your commercial properties every day to have everything ready for the working day, you will make their job much easier since they will be able to quickly access the premises without waiting to look for one of the many keys there are for everything.

Expand your business

With a well organized master key plan you can expand your areas without the fear of having to take out more and more keys, a whole area can be managed with a single key and be fine. 

Although we must clarify that to have a master key system you must invest in good quality cylinders and keys that will not break easily and also in good security systems to avoid theft problems. In any case, by consulting a locksmith you can confirm if what you are doing is the right thing for your type of business, because clearly these types of systems, although they work very well, are not for everyone. 

How do you do a master key service? 

It’s pretty easy actually, we first make an evaluation of the commercial properties and design a master key system that fits your needs, determining how many locks you will need, and if you need to change the existing locks or just change the combination.

It is a somewhat delicate process but relatively quick to perform, so neither you nor your customers will see much fluctuation in their day-to-day business inside the store.

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