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Can Distance Learning Alter the Traditional Learning Pattern?

Despite its many benefits, distance learning can be challenging for students who don’t have the right motivation or skill set to succeed. Distance learning is typically conducted on fixed-time online platforms that require students to log in at specific times and complete pre-scheduled classroom activities. This format encourages active student participation and little room for self-pacing. For this reason, distance learning is often more effective for students who are motivated and have a flexible schedule.

The main difference between synchronous and asynchronous distance learning is how students interact with course content. Synchronous distance learning involves online discussions with instructors and students at the same time. Students can interact with course materials in real-time through the use of technology, but this type of learning can frustrate some students. Asynchronous distance learning, on the other hand, allows students to complete their work at their own pace. This type of learning allows faculty and students to extend course content beyond the scheduled class period.

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Among the benefits of distance learning, faculty members report that students performed better during online learning. The evidence includes attendance, interaction, participation, and examination marks. Students who took part in classroom activities performed as well as those who attended conventional classes. While it is difficult to establish the impact of online learning on the traditional learning pattern, it is important to note that the traditional learning pattern does not necessarily have to change. It is just as important to find the right balance between the traditional and online modes of learning.

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