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Can it really make you look 10 years younger by facelift surgery?

The decision to use beauty services with the hospital or beauty clinic Of course, the main goal is to make your face beautiful, look better and look younger than your age.

A popular trend right now is facelift surgery. The results are clearer and more permanent than laser treatment but reputed to be surgery which means going through the lancet It makes many people weigh between beauty and risk.

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More importantly, when doing it, the result will be as expected. or advertising words?

Go hear the truth from Dr. Thananchai Asadamongkol, director of Bangmod Cosmetic Surgery Center.

facelift Can it really make your face look ten years younger?

According to medical principles, it is not possible to tell a precise figure how many years a person’s facelift can reduce their age. But as a general principle, if you want to reduce your age greatly, the first thing is that before surgery, the patient must have wrinkles. Excessive sagging, such as people with thin skin, narrow faces and a lot of wrinkles If done in this group of patients during face lift surgery, there will be a lot of changes. from a lot of wrinkles will be able to fix a lot Therefore, the face will look younger. Decrease on average about 10-15 years.

But at the same time before the surgery If you are a person who is young, for example, in her 30s who wants to have a face lift surgery. When finished, the patient will feel that their face is tighter because the surgery has already been done. But asking if people in general feel that their age has decreased by 10 years or not, not that much. The difference may not be much. Because before surgery there are not many wrinkles.

Therefore, if asked to reduce the age to 10 years according to medical principles, it can actually be done. But how is the patient’s face before surgery? And it depends on the method of surgery.

And all over the world, it is recognized that face lift surgery, known as Face Lift, is the most effective way to reduce your age.

Advantages of face lift surgery 1. See permanent results The word permanent result is more than 5 years, it is called permanent. So this method is more permanent. 2. Able to correct sagging or wrinkles that are much more, for example, patients at the age of 50, 60 years old, their skin is already sagging. There are very deep wrinkles, wattle, face lift can change a lot and be more permanent.

Who is suitable for facelift surgery?

There are usually two main groups who come to consult. The first group is people who have real problems. Means that the face looks older than age, for example, the patient is only 30 years old, but the skin is very sagging. There are many wrinkles like a 50-year-old person. Facelift surgery is considered a medical treatment. When facelift surgery brought him back to his age, he lived a better life. more confident, able to socialize better. It’s a really problematic group. made for healing

The other group is patients who are like normal people. I don’t have a problem with my face looking older than my age. But I want to have a younger face than my age which has a lot in common. The doctor must first discuss why he wants to look younger. How many years do you want to look younger?

Doctors generally don’t recommend doing a lot. For example, a patient who is 60 years old, but wants to look like a 30-year-old, 40-year-old person.

Even according to medical principles surgery can be done But the doctor will not recommend it because if the age is too young. The first is that physical health is not like a young person. The lifestyle of people at different ages is not the same. There will be many problems. Therefore, in the group of patients who did not have a real problem but wanted to look younger The doctor must first talk about what to do. Most of the time, the doctor will recommend making the child 4-5 years old. It’s ok.

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