How Much Does GameStop Pay For Used Games?

If you want to trade in your old video games for cash, GameStop is the place to go. You can sell them for around 70 percent of their listed value. The company changes its price listings often, but you can usually expect to get around thirty percent cash for your games. For the trade-in process, you need to bring your games to GameStop in a sealed package. They will then process your trade-in and contact you to make payment.

To get cash for your used games, bring them to any Gamestop store and ask about their trade-in program. Some stores will pay you cash, but the exchange value is usually 20 percent lower than its market value. Gamestop will also accept certain games that are no longer in circulation. Retro games are an exception. The store doesn’t have the necessary equipment to plug them in, but they may still accept your retro games if they’re still in good working order.

To find out how much GameStop pays for used games, visit their trade-in page. You can also use the search bar to find out how much each particular game is worth. The company’s incentives are designed to encourage employees to sell more used games than they take in new. This incentive system is strong enough to encourage employees to lie, but it’s not clear whether this is true now. However, GameStop’s policy is still worth investigating, as it’s never been neutral in its policy of buying and selling used games.

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