How to set up a home office

Jack Kerouac wrote by candlelight and prayed before he worked. Hemingway got up at dawn and always worked standing up. The queen of the detective Agatha Christie sat at her typewriter whenever and wherever she had to, because she often traveled and spent a lot of time with her family.

Great writers had strange work habits and rituals, but ordinary accountants, marketers and designers are much more comfortable to work in a well-lit, equipped for it. Tips for setting up a home office will be useful to those who are moving into the ranks of freelancers and remote workers. My workplace helps me do my job for SMM Yagupov


The Internet is a basic need in Maslow’s pyramid according to remote workers. It is important to always be in touch, so first provide yourself with a stable Internet. If you live in a country house, you can install satellite Internet or use a USB modem. In most urban apartments, you need to pull a cable and install a router, which distributes Wi-Fi to all devices in the apartment. Since an outsourcer is a free-flight bird, you must have a 3G/4G modem in your arsenal, which will also come in handy if the electricity at home is cut, or if the provider has problems.

Technique for work


A laptop for a freelancer is the best option because of its mobility. The choice depends on many factors, for example, a programmer, web designer or videographer will need a powerful “machine”. But if you are not engaged in the development of superproducts, and solve typical tasks and work with a standard set of office programs, here are some recommendations:

  • If you value your time, buy a model with an operating system already installed, such as Windows 10;
  • The more RAM the better. Choose a model with at least 8 GB of memory.


Not the most obvious, but an important part of the workflow is a multifunction device. For example, if you invoice and fill out certificates, you will have to print, sign and scan something every now and then. An MFP is the right one for these purposes: it can print, scan, and make a copy. When choosing, look for compact models for home use that fit on a shelf above your desk.

Online cash register

If your type of business and taxation system involves an online cash register, there’s nothing more convenient than smart terminals. Online cash registers integrate with 1C and other business services.

Workplace ergonomics


The desk is the basis of the work area. Standard dimensions of the office desk, established by SanPiN, are at least 725 mm in height, 800 to 1400 mm in width and 800 to 1000 mm in depth. But if your height is higher or lower than the standard 175-180 cm, at such a desk will be uncomfortable.

To find a table that suits your height, you need to sit down at it and assess your body position. If your elbows are resting freely on the table top, your shoulders are not raised, your legs are bent at 90 degrees and nothing prevents them – it is a good table for you.


The chair should have a height-adjustable and moderately soft seat, an ergonomic backrest and optional armrests. Its main function is to keep your back in the right position and relieve the strain on your cervical-shoulder and lumbar muscles. The chair should be comfortable – but not so comfortable that you feel like throwing your legs up on the desk and taking a nap.


Hinged shelves over the desk help to networthexposed organize storage and unload the work surface. You can put books, folders with documents, an organizer with writing materials on them, and leave only a laptop, a lamp and a cup of coffee on the table.


Choose the brightest parts sdasrinagar of the apartment for your workplace, ideally near a window. Additional sources of light will help preserve eyesight, do not neglect them. There are not many requirements for a desk lamp: it should evenly light the workplace, give enough light and have an adjustable foot. Cold light has a better effect on productivity and performance – take this into account when choosing a lamp.

For the placement of the lamp on the desk there is a basic rule: if you are right-handed, the lamp should stand on the left, if you are left-handed – on the right.

Coffee machine

Now that your workspace wrinky is complete, you can think about inspiration. Rituals and décor to your liking help create a work mood. Most people start their day with coffee – it’s a ritual, too. A good coffee maker is as indispensable an attribute of any office, including home, as office equipment. Automatic coffee machines can make coffee like a barista, but take up a lot of space. Capsule, carob, and drip coffee makers are more suitable for the home. They are compact, lightweight, varied in design, and can be placed directly on a desk or shelf above it.


Design your workplace so the eye is not resting on a blank wall but on inspiring details. This may be a corkboard with postcards, pictures, stickers, wishlists, posters with motivating inscriptions, to-do lists, flowers in small vases. Functionality, ergonomics and inspiration are the ingredients of the perfect home office formula. A comfortable, stylish, bright and well-equipped workplace will help you focus better on tasks and start each work day with enthusiasm taraftarium24.

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