Law & Order Guest Stars

Who are the main characters on Law & Order? The show’s cast of detectives consists of a senior and a junior detective, each reporting to a precinct boss. These detectives are typically accompanied by a first responding officer and a Crime Scene Unit technician, who each make observations and offer witticisms to the detectives. These characters’ stories are sometimes based on true events.

In the case of SVU, cost is a huge factor in the decision. Though Chris Evans might want to do SVU in 2021, he is not likely to do it until much later. On the other hand, Robin Williams may be available for an episode in the future, especially after the actor approached the show. “L&O” is the only legal drama still on air, so he could be a good choice for the role.

The cast has undergone several cast changes over the years. The character of Det. Kevin Bernard (Anth) never seemed very lived-in, and his portrayal lacked small moments of wit. But one familiar face is Sam Waterston, who played Jack McCoy in the first series of the show. In addition to Sam Waterston, the show’s other regulars include Odelya Halevi and Steven R. Dancy.

The show’s popularity led to numerous spin-offs. Other shows were also created, including “The Special Victims Unit” and “Trial by Jury.” The series’ long-running run paved the way for many other TV shows and movies, including video games and international adaptations. And it was nominated for an Emmy Award in 1997, which made it the longest-running live-action drama in the U.S.

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