Permanent Disabilities From Car Accidents

Car accidents can result in many different types of injuries. These injuries include: loss of function, traumatic brain injury, and fractures. These injuries are often so severe that the injured person can no longer do most of his or her daily activities. These injuries can lead to a life of pain and misery.

When this is the case, you should contact a personal injury lawyer or car accident lawyer to determine whether or not you have a case or not.


Fractures can be extremely painful and can require extensive medical treatment. They can also cause permanent nerve damage and require physical therapy or orthopedic surgery. In some cases, the injured person can be awarded compensation for lost wages and earning capacity. However, the most expensive part of this compensation is the medical bills. Emergency room visits, hospitalizations, surgeries, follow-up appointments, physical therapy, prescription medications, and other costs can quickly exhaust your health insurance benefits.

Obtaining a professional medical evaluation after a car accident can help you understand what caused your injuries and avoid further complications. Often, the initial shock of the accident can mask severe injuries. Moreover, making your doctor’s appointments and following instructions is essential to your recovery. Additionally, keeping a medical record will help you collect evidence of your injuries and future medical care needs.

Loss of function

The permanent disabilities resulting from car accidents are not just limited to the injuries. They can also extend years into the future. Not only will they cause loss of function, but they can affect the ability to earn money. In addition, a disability can make it difficult for a person to fully enjoy their life and participate in social activities. It may even affect their physical relationship with their spouse.

The most common type of permanent disability after a car accident is paralysis, which causes loss of function of a specific muscle. It is considered the most serious form of disability.

Traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious condition that can result from a car accident or a bad fall. It causes internal bleeding, bruising, and swelling to the brain. In severe cases, it can cause permanent disability and impairment. There are various treatments for TBI.

Whiplash is a common injury that can cause a traumatic brain injury. In many cases, whiplash tears critical nerve fibers in the neck and back. Recent research shows that whiplash causes at least 20% of traumatic brain injuries.

Loss of enjoyment of life

Loss of enjoyment of life damages refer to damages that severely limit a person’s lifestyle, activities, and hobbies. These damages can be awarded to people who are unable to do the things they used to do before the accident. Loss of enjoyment can also be a result of pain, loss of function, or other factors.

The impact of a car accident can have a devastating effect on a person’s quality of life. These injuries can result in permanent limitations on a person’s ability to drive, affect their ability to perform simple tasks, and affect their psychological stability. These types of injuries can significantly impact a person’s quality of life, and compensation for their continued care and assistance is necessary.

Assistive devices

Assistive devices are devices that help the disabled person perform certain tasks. A wheelchair is one type of assistive device. Other types of assistive devices are talking book players and braille systems. The effectiveness of assistive devices can be measured through outcome measures. Some people have a permanent disability and need specialized equipment to help them with their daily activities.

People who sustain permanent disabilities in car accidents often require new medical devices to help them move around. They may also require physical therapy to regain their strength and mobility. A permanent disability can also mean new surgeries and ongoing medical costs. The disabled person may also need 24-hour assistance.

Modifications to home or transportation

Permanent disabilities caused by car accidents are extremely serious and often have significant repercussions on the victim’s life. These disabilities can be partial or total and can have a lasting impact on the person’s quality of life and ability to work. If you have suffered from a car accident and are suffering from a permanent disability, you should seek the advice of an experienced Chicago car accident attorney immediately. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may need modifications to your home or transportation.

Having a permanent disability can be very painful and expensive. You may need to purchase help-strengthening medical devices or make modifications to your home or vehicle to ease your daily tasks. This will be an additional expense you should be able to claim from your injury compensation.

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