Red flags of San Diego personal injury lawyers

Handling a personal injury claim in San Diego is often overwhelming, especially if you are unsure of California laws. It could be a case of a car crash or something more common like a slip & fall accident. No matter what type of claim you have, you need the right lawyer to fight for your compensation. With many law firms around, choosing a San Diego personal injury lawyer can seem confusing. For your help, we have enlisted a few red flags that you need to keep in mind.

The injury lawyer is too busy

While lawyers have a busy schedule, they are expected to prioritize new clients and their concerns. If you called a law firm and got no response within a day or two, don’t wait too long. Ensure that the injury lawyer takes your case without delay, or at the least, they should meet you in person and discuss the facts.

The injury lawyer is asking for a free to offer consultation

Most law firms in California don’t charge a fee for the initial consultation for personal injury cases. It is a red flag if you are being asked to pay for the first case review. No matter how small the amount may seem, you shouldn’t have to shell money to meet the lawyer or get an evaluation.

The injury lawyer is making immediate promises

While injury lawyers have their ways of understanding whether a case would hold, they cannot say everything definitely without doing an investigation. If a lawyer is making promises or saying unusually good things, do not trust them. You should expect a clear overview of the situation, an explanation of your rights and legal options, and the things they can do for you.

The injury lawyer is charging an hourly rate

All injury lawyers work on a contingency fee. This arrangement is common for wrongful death claims and injury lawsuits, where the lawyer gets a share of the final compensation. The fee may vary, but the lawyer cannot ask for an upfront fee or demand a flat hourly rate.

The injury lawyer has bad reviews

Online reviews say a lot about law firms and injury lawyers. If you find that an attorney has too many bad reviews and negative feedback from peers and other clients, it is clearly not something you would want to have for your case.

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