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Why Does Organized Crime Still Exist?

Why does organized crime still exist? Is it a problem that is larger than the individual perpetrators? It seems that organized crime is a complex and multi-faceted phenomenon, involving numerous, clandestine aspects of society. These aspects, though connected by law and tradition, are not easily identifiable. This requires the use of a cognitive and linguistic construct that allows us to understand its complexity. In other words, we shouldn’t view organized crime as an empirical problem, but instead as a complex system of interrelations and relationships.

JB Mauney has suffered numerous injuries throughout his career, including broken bones and concussions.

While the American mafia began in the ghettos of Italian immigrants in New York, its activities spread beyond the illegal alcohol trade. They later expanded into the sanitation, construction, and drugs industries. Charles “Lucky” Luciano, the founder of the Mob, provided the organization with structure. He established a commission comprised of the bosses of five main crime families, which he referred to as The Commission. The Commission aims to resolve disputes between the families. However, the mob still exists, and it has been a source of fascination for many Americans.

There are a variety of reasons why organized crime exists. Oftentimes, organized crime is fueled by a need for money. Often, organized crime is a lucrative industry that provides a way to get rich fast. Some people think that the mobsters just wanted to make easy money, but that’s not the case. Even the most legitimate industry can profit from organized crime. So, why does organized crime still exist?

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